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    I open debate: Srb2 doesn't really feel like sonic

    I...Dont remember doing that in the Classics lol Sonic Robo Blast 2.3 will have momentum, just like the Classics And... Loopings in 3D Doesn't work that good at all unless its automated, i mean in 3D you can just skip it, if you couldn't, the level should be less open, and i dont think that will...
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    Saves with mods.

    You need to Download the custom game data, it allows you to play with mods in SP and it saves the files, and also let's you save your times in Record Attack It's here btw:
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    [Reusable] Super Mystic Sonic Reborn [SMSreborn-v2.4; 2.2.9 hotfixes]

    i REALLY like this character in general, he feels so fantastic to play, i can't wait to see what you got for the future!
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    Unleashed Sonic In SRB2

    Oh, i misunderstood, Sorry!
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    Unleashed Sonic In SRB2

    I heard somewhere that people can make diferent representation of the same character, for example i can make another kirby and it would be accepted here, another example, you are making an adventure sonic while Other person is making adventure Sonic too, its not a matter of if its already done...
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    Rabosion's first mod

    Looks nice so far, Good job!
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    Why are there so many Sonics?

    In the "What if Sonic stopped being made" Thread you made, we come to the point of talking about 2d pixelated Sonic games lol, it may be off topic but its just a single short message talking about The new adventure sonic, that's all...
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    He said I don't know why the majority of people would think that ...i think
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    What if Sonic stopped being made?

    Just because it didn't work in the game doesn't mean it's a bad idea, you can use it to reach higher paths with enemies, save yourself from falling if an enemy is in the edge, etc. You just want to erase almost every sonic character from existence and only let Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and some...
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    What if Sonic stopped being made?

    So, by your logic mania was good because ppl are tired from 3d modern sonic, right? If mania was a 3rd game (graphically speaking) it wouldn't sell that much, it was successful because it is a pixelated momentum 2d Classic Sonic game, just like the classics, it did sell well because of...
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    What if Sonic stopped being made?

    06 failed because of his bugs and the Sonic story, not because "it's 3d", a 3d modern sonic game can be as well received as a classic sonic one, Mania was well received because we NEEDED to go back Like it or not, Sonic is and will still be going 3d mainly, mania was made as a celebration for...
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    What if Sonic stopped being made?

    I mean, If we are going to make a comparison, what sonic fangames you think are better than... Unleashed let's say? Or the adventure ones? I'm aware those are one of the best ones, but since y'all insist in saying that fangames are better than official games.. I mean, not every fangame of sonic...
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    What if Sonic stopped being made?

    We are not defending 06, I'm telling that even with it's massive flaws, it HAS good things, like I mentioned earlier,SRB1 just doesn't have that much more memorable things besides earless strange sprites, and probably one more thing that I can't remember, that's the thing, sonic 06 IS a bad...
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    What if Sonic stopped being made?

    For real, i was playing a hack rom of Sonic 1 where i could play with 2 Players as sonic and... Oh god... grey Sonic just falls in every moment LOL
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    What if Sonic stopped being made?

    Its not a matter of if sega was or wasn't scummy doing that, the matter is Sonic 06 is way better than SRB1, people tend to just focus on the bad things about this game, like the Sonic story, but forget the Shadow one, that is incredible, also the Iblis final boss was awesome, the introduction...