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    weird screen glitch

    not sure what this is supposed to really mean, does this mean you're stuck in a loop or does something happen after it flickers?
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    Linedef type 7 doesnt work properly with non-square textures in OpenGL

    Havent done an extensive amount of testing on this, but non sqaure textures just start skewing wierdly when rotated Included is a test wad that replaces GFZ1, showcases the thing with labyrinth textures incase of the offchance that i actually finish this christmas remake
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    Okay So I Know Half About 2D Mode....

    2d mode is a good way to lock the camera in a in-map cutscene but, most joke mods use srb2's built in cutscene implementation
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    Chronicles' Green Hill Zone - Work in Progress thread

    It's one of those things where im not sure how it would go, but just reverting the base would def add more detail
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    Chronicles' Green Hill Zone - Work in Progress thread

    I really like how the first idea takes the battle targets and turn them into a path for the checkpoint bulb, but the base of it is pretty bland compared to vanilla, maybe something from idea 2 or 3 could spice it up a little?
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    About my Addon:

    SRB2 only supports doom's graphics formats and PNGs, so i'd recommend converting your sprites to bitmap first, you can copy the sprite if you're worried about losing the original vector lines and whatnot also have this, these are the only colors that srb2 will let graphics display, but if the...
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    Bro, a spammer just attacked a ctf server.

    leave the server/chatmode 2 in console (chatmode 0 to switch back to normal chat) that's pretty much all that you can do on your own, changing chatmode just makes it so you can only see chat when opening chat, so you can ignore chat entirely until they leave or something.
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    how do i make a model without blender/misfit/maverick

    Blender isnt linux only, you can get it on windows and mac pretty much the same way, the only problem is actually being able to use it for srb2, which im pretty sure the one .md3 export addon is for an old and might not work in newer versions? Maverick though supports .md3 and .md2 out of the...
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    i just got a sonic popsicle from a ice cream truck and it looks like this

    they have a bit of a reputation for doing that, and for good reason!
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    SRB2MB Security Breach: What Happened, How We Fixed It, and How We’re Minimizing the Chance of It Ever Happening Again

    yes, the most they could get out was potentially email address and the birth date you would have entered yourself, and chances are they didn't really acknowledge your existence and took notes of bigger names instead. At least that's what SeventhSentinel told me when i asked, but it's safe to...
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    Neon's Model Pack - vroom vroom vroom vroom

    So apparently king can ride on a boat, I don't think these meshes are gonna be that sustainable with just how ambitous king wants to get with it, but I'll try to keep this going, also I don't exactly plan on making separate models for all 5 hedgebois but at least they'll not look broken while...
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    Neon's Model Pack

    NeonSRB2 updated Neon's Model Pack with a new update entry: vroom vroom vroom vroom Read the rest of this update entry...
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    Neon's Model Pack

    NeonSRB2 updated Neon's Model Pack with a new update entry: My god this took a long time Read the rest of this update entry...
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    Neon's Model Pack - My god this took a long time

    Well... its a patch to Sunky and King, both respective addons should have their newer sprites properly animated. Sorry it took so long, I have no reason to tell for this aside from me being lazy Also PVPal is gone from these gifs, i was worried about additive blending being broken since the...
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    I was reading 2.1's changelog and... i think i know what you're missing here with the whole super theme thing You're probably interested in the MusicChange hook. It's local to only the players who had their music swapped You can check what it was going to swap to You can change what it will...