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  • MK.exe replied to the thread Srb2 2.9.9 android bugs.
    Woah what? SRB2 is on Version 2.9 already for mobile?
  • MK.exe reacted to Chengi's update for resource Chengi's Track Attack Pack (kr_CTAP) v7.0 [updated 09/23/2021] with Cool! Cool!.
    EDIT: v7A patches a couple quick things for Sketchberry/Obsidian. Re-grab the newest version if you've already downloaded v7. GENERAL...
  • MK.exe reacted to Dano's post in the thread Introduce Yourself! with Cool! Cool!.
    I'm Dano I do modelling
  • MK.exe replied to the thread Introduce Yourself!.
    MK here. Mostly known for making maps and part of Kart Krew. Outside of SRB2 i make music occasionally.
  • MK.exe reacted to Dano's resource Dano's Models with Cool! Cool!.
    This is a model pack that makes most things 3D, even things that most modellers don't want to do, such as Flowers, Trees, Spikes, The...
  • MK.exe reacted to GamerLuna2020's post in the thread [Reusable] Zone Builder with Cool! Cool!.
    Zone Builder is a great level creation tool.
  • MK.exe reviewed the resource Kart Mania Reborn.
    3.00 star(s) Good improvements since i lasted played this pack, I always like to see people improving. Trail mostly hit the nail on the head with...
  • 4.00 star(s) These are a great set of maps, Visuals are simple and punchy and most corners are directioned well on a first playthrough. Curious what...
  • MK.exe reacted to cotomili's resource Cotopack v1 [New track: Puyo Puyo Gardens] with Cool! Cool!.
    Hello racers! I am honored to present you my pack: Cotopack! It will feature multiple Cups, one being inspired by classic SEGA...
  • MK.exe reacted to Lother's resource Retro Racers Pack with Cool! Cool!.
    Hello everybody! I present to you my very first Map pack : Retro Racers Pack. It will feature race maps inspired by old racing games...
  • MK.exe replied to the thread Happy Cirno Day!.
    Yup! And happy international Sudoku day too!
  • MK.exe replied to the thread Happy Cirno Day!.
    Happy teddy bear day too!
  • MK.exe reacted to JonBaxter's resource [Reusable] Character Bullying with Cool! Cool!.
    Has this ever happened to you? Are you tired of those pesky ________ players taking all the well deserved glory from the good and...
  • MK.exe replied to the thread Neco-Arc.
    that tiny kart is perfect for her, awesome
  • MK.exe reacted to realscotty's resource [Reusable] Neco-Arc with Cool! Cool!.
    Neco-Arc from Melty Blood! Thanks to my friend The Legendary Zoid for picking sounds and helping on the signpost.