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    [Reusable] Classic.wad - Classic Momentum and Gameplay (mostly) In SRB2!

    So, I took a quick little playthrough of some Subarashii levels with this, and I guess I'll throw in my two cents, for whatever that's worth. First, I'll say that this is pretty impressive, technically. I imagine it involves a lot of workarounds and fighting the game's natural physics. Beyond...
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    [Reusable] In-Game Item Shop

    Maybe. If there's interest (and I'm able), I don't see why not.
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    [Reusable] In-Game Item Shop

    When I said no promises, I wasn't kidding. ... That being said, I also wasn't kidding when I said I had ideas for an update. Nor about putting them into action. Heavily inspired by Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle, the Upgrades screen has been completely changed, making it more of a focus...
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    Crash in CEZ1

    As title states, game crashed while jumping over the fence at the start of CEZ1. Error log:
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    [Reusable] Roll The Dice (V8.3.0)

    While I don't think it's possible to properly fix the rankings/scores bug with HUD related rolls, it's actually rather trivial to make the "Blind" effect work on all resolutions. All you have to do is just remove the arguments to drawFill, as that causes it to fill the entire screen with black...
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    Ticcmd, and overriding player input

    Does modifying any of the ticcmd variables for a player actually do anything? I've tried it both in the thinkframe and mobjthinker hooks, and the most I've managed is half-preventing a player from moving forwards (they're still able to move slightly). Is there any means of completely overriding...
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    Spilled Rings

    Is there any way to get the mobj number of the player's spilled rings when they get hit? (In the same sort of manner that you can get the mobj number of an object spawned via P_SpawnMobj)
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    V_SMALLSCALEPATCH causes text to be cut off or disappear

    As the title says, if V_SMALLSCALEPATCH is used with v.drawString, it will disappear if placed past the midway point of the screen, or be cut off if the length of the text causes it to cross the midway point of the screen. Example: This piece of code: v.drawString(300, 35, "Upgrade"...
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    =Metroid Vanguard= Samus.pk3 (Huge update!)

    "scores", as a hud.add hook. I mean, to be fair, the same or similar could probably be said of many of the actual Metroid games. The problem with that is that rings are everywhere, health is a fairly common drop from monitors and enemies anyways, and the ammo limit for the hyper beam is a...
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    =Metroid Vanguard= Samus.pk3 (Huge update!)

    This wad is absolutely amazing, probably one of the best I've ever played, but there are a few things I might like to see changed or added: There should probably be some kind of "equipment" screen, so that you can see what you have and don't have, as well as stuff like your max missile/power...
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    [Reusable] In-Game Item Shop

    So since this has apparently gotten some new attention, I decided to release a small update. Nothing big, but it at least looks somewhat nicer now. No promises, but I've got some ideas for a more extensive future update, centered on upgrades...
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    [Reusable] Sonic Smash Brawl

    So, I've played this mod twice now over the course of it's history. The first time was far earlier in it's life, when there was almost no point, given how little there was to really DO in it. That at much has certainly improved, as I had a decent amount of fun the last time me and my friend had...
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    A few Lua questions

    So okay, I'm not normally one to ask for help on these sorts of things, but there are a few things I'd like to know. For one, is it possible to forcibly turn off playernames (The thing that makes the name of the player you're looking at appear in the center of the hud) in a Lua script...
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    Match/CTF Classes

    This weapon system is amazing, but some kind of means of reloading would be nice. it sucks to be sitting at 20 or so auto rings because it's such a waste of ammo to bring it back to 50.
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    [Reusable] In-Game Item Shop

    This script allows the player to purchase various items and upgrades via an in-game shop at any time, using rings that the player has carried to the end of a level. It's designed primarily for singleplayer and coop, but it does technically work in other gamemodes. Update: It's time for an...