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    ...what? It says there are no servers registered even though I'm hosting right now (trying to test to see if it works since this is a new computer). It says all the servers have an IP address of, are called "Non-Existing SRB2 Server", are using v0.0.0, and were...
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    Creating new enemies with socs

    How exactly is this done? There's a short tutorial on STARS, but it is very incomplete. I think I already understand everything, though, except how to get the new enemy into the game. Can someone explain this for me?
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    signal_hander(): segment violation

    I'm trying to make a level, and at certain points in it the game crashes with that message. What exactly does it mean, and how do I prevent it?
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    SRB2 Launcher update?

    Shouldn't the launcher be updated? It has an option to not advertise on the Master Server, but says the Master Server doesn't exist, which is untrue.