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    What's your favorite Pokémon?

    There was an earlier thread a few years ago which asked the same question I know I responded to, but since then I believe I've fleshed out my tastes a bit more and am closer to "solidifying" personal favorites. So to give an immediate upfront answer: Magnemite and its evolutions. They are...
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    Single Player-only voting (Round 1 2021)

    June has been an eventful month with lots of things to pay attention to! Despite the commotion, I didn't want to miss out on the OLDC, so I portioned out time as comfortable as I could make it for me Falcon Emissary Zone ~ InferNOr Cool texturing. The amount of Badniks in some areas is a bit...
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    What's your favorite candy bar? (M&M's Hersey Kisse's and Reese's are allowed)

    Both the bar and Kisses forms of Hershey's are what I eat and like the most often when it comes to chocolate candies.
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    Srb2 iceberg

    It has to do with European keyboards and the locale involved. Over there in many countries, the convention is that the decimal separator is a comma instead, as opposed to a period (or full stop). When trying to read his jump height factor in version 2.1.0, most computers originating on the...
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    Musical references and recycled musics in the Sonic series.

    Most people understand the VS Fang track in SRB2 as being a remix of his theme from Triple Trouble, and things like the Sapphire Falls multiplayer level remixing Green Hill's ever-pervasive tune. Of course some music even originates from other properties outside of just Sonic games (NiGHTS...
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    Where did ugly knux come from?

    With this new forum software, I can't figure out if it's possible to search... all of a member's posts, which made finding this take longer than it should've been, but regardless, I found the post from UglyKnux's original creator on the 3rd page of its 2.1 addon thread talking about this.
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    What do you think is the most underrated Sonic song?

    If by "songs" here you mean vocals, then in that case I virtually never see anybody talk about the level and boss themes in Secret Rings (ones besides Let the Speed Mend It). I didn't have a Wii either, so it took me until just now to listen to most of these myself. I can probably understand why...
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    Post your pics/art here!

    There is this pretty lovely tree in my backyard every year in the spring that blossoms pink flowers, which remain for only about a couple weeks or so. It’s an annual phenomenon that is kinda short-lived, so that’s what gets me encouraged to take pictures of it while I can. Namewise, I think it’s...
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    Single Player-only voting (Autumn 2020)

    But it's January Shadow of Aztlan Zone ~ akirahedgehog I think it's the maps that extrude personality in addition to looking and playing great that are the ones I enjoy the most and win me over. There is so much put to the scenery and aesthetics here, it's amazing. A lot to appreciate, and...
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    Single Player-only voting (Summer 2020)

    I might not have a lot to say, but I appreciate that this isn't going about the echo chamber course any longer! Considering I was voting half a decade ago during that time, plus me being a teenager, oftentimes ending up agreeing in accord with basically everybody else then... yeah, that was a...
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    [Reusable] Music Template:

    Neato! Very much something I could toy around with in regards to a project.
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    [Reusable] Haste (Deprecated by KartMP) - longer MTs for accel characters

    Immediately took notice to the accel character focus (Motobug here) and tried this out... I think I like Haste! It actually seems to click well with the kind of mindset I have in particular scenarios where I would chain blue sparks together at a turn instead of charging up a red one - certainly...
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    [Reusable] Old Special Stages Remake

    Believe it or not the Special Stages after the second one in Demo 4 each had their own music which were... MIDI compositions of songs from the anime Ojamajo Doremi. I've no clue who thought to insert them in there, but clearly somebody was a fan. Here are specifically each one
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    Techno Hill Zone 1 loop

    I'm able to notice it because I'm a looppoint fanatic myself and I've gained a heightened sense of listening after having heard my own remasters hundreds of times, but it isn't totally a seamless loop there. I suggest a few listens to focus in on that part of the song to get what I'm saying. Not...