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    Ok it's been a long time since i posted here but... I got a PSP 2001 a few days ago and when I try to play SRB2PSP I can't because after I choose my character it just turns off. I HAVE CUSTOM FIRMWARE AND I HAVE THE SRB2 FILES IN THE FOLDER WITH THE EBOOT.PBP and the game starts fine but when I...
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    [Reusable] Metal Knux

    Anyways, after not posting for a long time... Finally someone remembers Mecha Knuckles from 1.09.4a!
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    whenever I put sounds in...

    In any wads i ever make when I put in custom sounds in a character wad that have a name like se_a1 and DIRECT IT DO USE AS A SOUND in the S_SKIN5 it replaces EVERY SOUND in the game with sonic's thok sound! This is what I put in the S_SKIN5: dsjump = se_a1 And then when I add the wad... all the...
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    [Reusable] Super Monitor! (supermonitor.wad)

    Hmmm... The Turret Is now Super! It can now kill you SuperSonic! But otherwise it works just fine!
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    Speedy the Hedgehog [Paint.NET time]

    I just got Paint.NET and it is an awesome paint program... So I thought "maybe using Paint.NET i could make Speedy the Hedgehog and he would look RIGHT. I can draw him better now too!" So I start my work on this wad and then said "this is taking too long!" then I execute the screen fixer and...
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    crawla commanda.wad that werks!!!

    i finaly made a wad and it actually werks!!! Link Removed try it first!