Hello, i'm LegoTails. But you can just call me {BG}Tails(S1).
I am the guy who on from sonic games and character, but list someone trying take my control.
Maybe it's sonic.exe? Well, who know anawy?

Questions who dont know:

1. What is your favorite color?​

Well, of course blue and orange.

2. What is your favorite sonic game?​

Well, my favorite sonic game is (SRB2, Classic Sonic Heroes) and more.

3. Does panda and gasman is your friend?​

Well, if you may asking about it. Then yes just why not.

4. Does you can host the server in srb2 and srb2kart?​

Well, of course no. On srb2 i can't host the server but about the srb2kart. Well, of course yes. i can host the server if only use the SRB2Kart Galaxy on Kart Custom Builds.

Well, that's all. See ya and have good day for it
June 18



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