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    OpenGL resolution issues

    While I know that the Software renderer is the one with more official support, and this is quite possibly a known issue, it's still... shall we say, vexing. To put it simply, OpenGL refuses to work properly with any resolution above 1280x800. The Software renderer can push 1080p and even...
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    [Reusable] Terminal - a netplay enhancement plugin

    Ah, this looks like something good to crack into. These kinds of permissions are sorely needed in SRB2. (Now to convince everyone ever to run these luas, and wait on that autoregister program - remember to check if it plays nice with Microsoft's EMET by asking for optouts if it needs!) And I've...
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    [Reusable] Lua - Boss HUD Example

    Methinks you missed the sarcasm, Knux. Just a thought.
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    Problem with USB Flash Drives

    To elaborate, this is not a problem with getting SRB2 to run on one, so it doesn't go in the Help topic. This is just something that has really freaking annoyed me recently. I know the disks are working fine. They read fine everywhere, and write just like they're meant to... except on my...
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    Confirmed Turning chasecam off sometimes causes visual weirdness

    More specifically, distortion of the vertical axis, and it usually happens when you're in the air (or sometimes when the game is paused) These screenshots are taken F12ing the same individual. (On the same tic, even! Lolpause) Note the wavy water effect in screenshot 2. Correct me if I'm...
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    Confirmed Tails can't fly if he flies, then jumps during aerial stepup

    Topic title. Tails tends to be unable to fly if he lands from flight then jumps right away: aka, next tic. It may happen on occasions other than flight, but I've pretty much confirmed flight. No screenshots/videos, because this is hard to reproduce on an ad-hoc basis.
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    [Reusable] Chaos Mode (Chaosmode.soc)

    Try this little tutorial to start with.
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    [Reusable] Chaos Mode (Chaosmode.soc)

    The best part about this soc is that it not only sabotages the Match mode, but CTF and Tag, too. Gahaha, can't wait to bust out some Tag with this, maybe set respawnitemtime way down low to give people a chance huh? :D
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    [Reusable] M_Medivo.wad

    It doesn't work like that exactly. RVZ just has non elemental on the floor. That one Match map (molten inferno?) doesn't, and you can go under lava by using the waterfalls.
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    Having some trouble joining my own ded serv

    I haven't unforwarded any ports or changed my internal IP. I just need to know... is the command for changing port to 5030 in SRB2 2.0 still -clientport 5030 or is it something different?
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    Dedicated server help

    Sure, I can host a dedicated server just fine, but my problem is, how do I join my own ded serv? I have ports 5029 and 5030 forwarded on UDP (As the manual says) but is there a special trick to it? Like hosting on 5030? Cos doing this will be handy. I know it's not connect self not working...
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    Anybody know a good Ogg converter?

    Well, I'm working on a mod with a few people, and the musics are... Shock-horror... MP3's!!143!2 And I need a good (Free) converter that'll lower that file size. Help appreciated.
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    Help with hosting (Not a n00b question, really)

    >_< made the last one in the wrong forum... Oh well, deleted it, and now we're here. So I sometimes host a netgame, "Kopper's place" but when I do, no-one can join, because it doesn't show on SRB2's MS listing. Now, I know of -udpport and a friend told me it was the wrong port. (the generic...
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    Recommend a lump editor?

    I'd think this goes here... Well, I'm planning on making a character or so, and I want advice on a good lump editor. Thanks in advance. And I know the wiki. I want opinions.