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    USA NSA Internet exploits

    Recently, it was discovered from documents leaked from Edward Snowden, that the US NSA (United States National Security Agency) have been aggressively trying to break through common encryptions that are used by private citizens trying to remain private. The NSA has been using taxpayer money to...
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    I need your opinion

    For several months now, I've been designing a complex 2D Space Combat game, and I'm unsure about what I should implement in part of the game, so I thought I should ask a real gamer user-base. In my game, you have a main Capital Ship that you can control, and I'm considering have a refueling...
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    Hater's gonna Hate Java: A tech topic

    Java, a term many people have learned to fear and hate, rumors swirl around in the tech world doubting it's security, reliability, and it's speed. But what should we believe? Is Java really a threat and an unneccesary language? I've been coding in Java for a couple years now, and I've had a...
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    The Great Rush

    I've been off of the SRB2 mb for quite a long time, I left when there was a significant slowdown in this forum's activity. Now that I'm back I've realized that much has been the same seeing as not much activity has happened with SRB2 (I'm not hinting to release a new version soon in any way at...
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    New SRB2 Version and Lua

    Hello everyone, I think it has been over a year since I've posted, but since I've got on last I've went and learned several programming languages, one of them Lua, but I'm not here to tell you about my hobbies, but the announcement on about implementing Lua into the scripting system...
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    2.1 Question

    I've been gone from the srb2 community for awhile, (been playing minecraft :) ) and i was wondering. Is there any reports or speculations on when 2.1 is coming out. It's been about a year (or two) since the last update. (I'm not complaining) I wonder if stjr should release a smaller version...
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    [Reusable] SRB2 Riders 2.46.5

    Good Job Guys, great game!
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    [Reusable] Robo-Hood

    I tried this, it didn't turn out to good. Want my advice? Just add a different spintrail.
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    [Reusable] Rayman MD2 (Model from Rayman 3)

    Pretty cool, new md2's are always awesome. It's a shame opengl is buggy.
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    [Reusable] Air Glider

    I'm think of programming this to shoot bullets while you fly it, turning srb2 into an epic flite simulator!
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    Can the Rail Ring be edited?

    I was wondering, can the rail ring be edited. And can an armaggedon explosion be used in soccing?
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    Project GIF: Changing

    I was thinking that if used gif images wherever possible, the website would be more interesting; anyone agree?
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    Public Apology

    I would just like to annouce that it was not my intention to create a tailsko wad for self-indulgent purposes, I just wanted to help Derek and to build upon the good idea of Tails having a long-lost sister. I in no way intended to potray tailsko as the smut, other people potray her as. If I...
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    An even better Tailsko

    I was talking with derek the hedge, and I think I have a decent, modest Tailsko. I hated to reject a tailsko fan's cry for help
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    [NOW UPDATED!] Playable Crawla

    After 3 attempts at a playable crawla wad, I have created a super crawla. This red crawla is equipted blue armor plates, an eye on his back and extra decoration. If you view him from the very front, he flips down his protective eye cover. This crawla's ability is float, caused by his engines on...