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    Super Mario

    and now we have a crossover where they aren't at the Olympics
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    Super Sonic

    Can't wait to go Super Super Sonic
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    Vile MK2

    and he meant it literally. cause even in Kart Vile won't stop haunting him
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    Jana The Fox - StephChars v1

    I'm a big fan of the Megaman Zero games so I can already tell that I am gonna have a lot of fun with this mod. I also love that you took inspiration from it as well
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    Vile MK2

    He still haunting X
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    Tricky from Madness Combat

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    EMERL for srb2( on hold )

    can't wait to see how this will turn out
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    Among Us Impostor

    Red sus
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    World Adventure Sonic - Ps3/Xbox360 Sonic (I'm taking a break)

    Might as well since we all know the answer.
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    World Adventure Sonic - Ps3/Xbox360 Sonic (I'm taking a break)

    Um.....where did you get this information exactly? cause there's a lot of contradictions seen in your reply. I'm not believing this unless I see some proof, like some screenshots or something.
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    questions about models

    Some of them do work. for example Jeck's Saturn models from 2.1 still work in 2.2 (or at least, most of them) though almost every other model from 2.0 or 2.1 doesn't work with 2.2 (which is kinda the reason as to why there's so many model ports)
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    Shadow the Hedgehog

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    Bean the Dynamite

    Fang is no longer alone
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    Lawyer Gestures - yet another thread lmao

    It was only a matter of time before Ace Attorney made its way to SRB2
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    How did you find srb2

    I found out about SRB2 thanks to MaskedMetaKnight4 back when I was young.