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    [Reusable] Klonoa

    You reminded me of something, Alex. There are high quality voice clips from Klonoa's DTP appearance, if sound quality is the only thing that prevented you from using them. They're just harder to find as they're only publicly available with the DTP soundtrack CD, as "S.E.Track". Luckily...
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    [Reusable] Klonoa

    I love you and I love this mod
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    [Reusable] Zone Builder

    Thanks Mascara Now I can go back and finish my shit KAWAIII map : D God bless
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    [Reusable] Zone Builder have fun if i could be told whats up thats fine, its not needed though
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    SRB2 Intro/Prologue runs a little too fast (OpenGL)

    Yes, this is absolutely a nitpick, but if you open the game in OpenGL mode and watch the intro, the game progresses with scenes just a bit too quickly. Some text is cut off because of scene changes. Again, it's OpenGL only - this doesn't happen in regular mode.
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    SRB2 Top Down

    I found some weird levels yesterday... What's the deal with Spring Hill? Or really, any of the inaccessible (I believe) Special Stages? Some look great, but others look unfinished.
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    Master Server down?

    Is the Master Server down, or is it just me?
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    [Reusable] More Choices

    Sonic Heroes is one of my favorite Sonic games, so this is kinda like a gold mine. I don't know a lot about .wads, considering how new I am to SRB2 and the file extension itself, so I didn't even know this was possible. Thanks for creating this! I can't wait to see what you make next.
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    [Reusable] Terminal - a netplay enhancement plugin

    An easy (and probably late) suggestion? Can you add a setscore command? If you already have one, please tell me what command it is.
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    Is SRB2 Making My Computer Crash?

    So I've been playing SRB2 for 2 months now, and it is a good game, but I'm starting to have a problem. Sometimes, I can be playing the game completely fine, and then my computer will crash giving the error WORKER_INVALID. I ignored it the first time, but the more I play it the more it happens. I...
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    [Reusable] Modern Sonic Abilities 4.0 BIG UPDATE

    So what changes will you make to the boost, if it's OK that I ask?
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    Supposed 'Oversized' avatar file [Read First]

    Before anything, read this: I understand that this has nothing to do with SRB2, but I can't find a help thread section for the forums. If you can move this, please move it to a thread that'll fit it the best. Now with that out of the way, I've been trying to get a Tails GIF avatar, but every...
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    [Reusable] Threat meter: Go faster when people aren't watching!

    This is nice. I might download this later for my server.
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    [Reusable] [SRB2 Riders] D00D Kart 64 - Mario Kart Level Pack!

    Are you going to update this to 2.1.8 and fix the broken links?
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    [Reusable] Modern Sonic Abilities 4.0 BIG UPDATE

    Think I found a sprite bug. Tell me if you, or someone else, found this. When you have no rings, press and hold Custom 1, and stand still, he is stuck in a running sprite. This also happens if you do all of this again, but start to gain speed from standing.