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    SRB2 Chaos Domain - Version 2.3.1 [scr_ChaosDomain-Version2.3.1.wad]

    Glad to see this Wad make a return to 2.1.15. It's been a while since my last playthough and I'm kinda excited to give it another run in the near future.
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    [Reusable] Zone Builder

    I've not built any maps in Sonic Robo Blast 2 in ages, but since this has been updated quite a lot. I've decided just to check it out. Since I'm very used to how Doom Builder 2 works. And I must say this is one nifty builder that actually works without giving me any hassles compared to the...
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    Fixed (SDL2) Mouse does not stay centered in Windowed Mode (SRB2 v2.1.12)

    On both Software and OpenGL windowed mode, mouse does not stay centered on the screen. If I move it quickly vertical or horizontal it moves outside the screen causing the game to pause if I click anything. Both SRB2 executive been tested. This only happen in srb2win.exe. Does not seem to...
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    [Reusable] Color + (Pal-ColorPlus.wad)

    To be quite honest, this needs to replace the original color palette. Because this makes the game feel more lively due to the color choices. It suits Sonic Robo Blast 2 entirely. And if the developers decide to ever change the color palettes in this game. They should replace it with this. Other...
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    big problem with the SRB2DB Editor.

    Ok so I been mapping for a long time for this game. And I been using Windows 7 for a while now. Its been going good on this editor and all of a sudden lately I keep getting this error when I go into 3D mode. When i'm in it. It crashes as soon I move. Here the error. Run-time error '-2147467259...
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    I decided to just point out a problem.

    Well I found out has a problem with there Archived Versions part of the site. Every time you click a link to download one of the old version of SRB2 it brings you to the current version download page. Not sure what happen to it. But most of my friends likes playing the old version and...
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    A very big openGL problem.

    Hello everyone. So today I was running SRB2 in openGL. Like I always do. And then I had to restart my laptop. Once it fully restarted I turn on SRB2 in openGL again. And now I get this problem saying. LoadLibrary() FAILED : couldn't load "r_opengl.dll" And once I click ok. It then said...
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    [Reusable] SRB2 - Community Build! - Full color Edition! (PNG)

    I'm so glad this is getting work on again. Since this updated was very bad. It had to much mess up for a finale release. Mostly crash a lot. C Fails when bots are added. And the MD2 mess up that was not in the 1st release of this mod. So i'm looking forward to this update Kalaron.
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    Invalid Color name and server problems.

    Hello I'm here posting about color name problems. Callum told me to post here if its a problem so I'm doing it now lol. Ok so there 4 problems. 1: When i try using color names why can i only use blue green and Orange? And when i try using other color it c kick me out of the game. But i can...
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    This is what we did out of boredom.

    In the SF94 server me and some friends did a very epic thing in the level check out the pics. Thats the pic with over 1000 rings sticking to the wall! And that are all the guys who help pyro to do this. Plus me behind the cam lol That what we did out of boredom lol. I hope you...
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    Need Help with level pics.

    Hello everyone. I got to ask you all how do I make a level pic? I read the faq on the wiki and I got to part where i need to use XWE. Well when i put in my pic I have made for my level. I load it up and well it is a odd color. So I need help can someone here to tell me how to fix this...
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    Hello every one I got a brand new level that I been working on forever. Its a match level. This level replace the meadow Match Zone. Here is a pic for you all to see. I hope you enjoy my very first level guys. So here is the download.
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    Um there is a problem.

    Hi i was going to start working on maps for Sonic Robo Blast 2 and when i was reading the wiki on how it said i need a file to work on SRB2 2.0. So there was a link that bring me here on the wiki And the download wont work at all. So im wondering...
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    I was wondering if some one can help me out.

    Hello i was wondering that maybe someone here can help me out. I been looking for the best MD2 made for SRB2 and well so far no luck. I google it and i can't find good ones. So maybe someone here know where to find MD2 that will ohmost make the game full 3D?