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    [Reusable] Gabriel's Unlabeled Modelpack.

    Looking at the (smol) screenshots alone from the update, it honestly looks pretty good, especially for a first-time modeller, dunno why you're being harsh with yourself. Will definetily download and try it out, as Gemma is on my list of regular characters i always load up on multi-char runs, or...
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    Terra the Pangolin

    I find it funny how this character breaks the "Clothed female, Nude male" trope we know from the Sonicverse, and as far as I'm aware, this is a first within the list of SRB2 OCs, and Sally Acorn being the only canon female character to also be (mostly) nude. (do please correct me if i missed any...
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    Manuel's Models v1.082

    Hello there~ Really love your models, and also love the fact you made models out of my favorite characters! Unfortunately, due to StephChars receiving a massive sprite overhaul for Skip, it broke the model animation lineup for him. Can i request the animations to be updated to support the new...
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    [Reusable] Encore Mode

    Also, a feature request i would like to be added: I would like to have the possibility to rebind the change character action to something else than Custom3 (for example, to Next or Prev Weapon, like how BuddyEx does it) via a console variable, as some custom characters have Custom3 binded to...
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    [Reusable] Encore Mode

    Regarding the danger of loading too many skins, even if it doesn't exceed the hardcoded skinlimit; What is the safe "maximum" number of skins i can load with the Encore mode? Wanna try to hoard up as many characters as the game (and addon) can handle without breaking apart.
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    [Reusable] AddBot

    Hi, so i have a question regarding adding multiplayer bots to a Chaos map... Can I somehow add various mp bots (via the addmpbot command, making them be independent from player stats) to a Chaos mode map, while I spectate the match, and watch them take on the enemies on their own? So far from...
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    [Reusable] SRB2Cineblast

    Ah yes! Thank you Cinefast! Now i can play match maps, without the need to join another retarded* server again! :D *inb4banforflaming
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    Summer Of Sonic 10

    For those who don't know what's this whole thing is: So, who's going this year? I will! :D
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    2.0.5 MS rules confusion...

    Being excited by the release of SRB2 v2.0.5, I immediately wanted to host a Standard server on SRB2, after reading the new rules, but this section... ...made me ask this: tl;dr madness alert! I use a txt script i call 'Server Commands' everytime i host a server with the official EXE. This...
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    What is your level of boredomness/lazyness?

    Sadly i recently getting bored of everything that is happening to me...i feel like everyday is the same friggin day over and over again... Sometimes i try to do something special, but i mostly end up not having the mood for it... And sometimes i'm trying to find interesting stuff, let it be in...
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    Quake Live Those, who knows Quake 3 Arena will immediately recognize this game! Basically, it's an online browser type FPS game similar to...any typical FPS game you've met... The unique thing about this, is that the first time you create an account, you will can start a...
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    File size limit for executable scripts changed?

    WARNING! Long question with (possibly) short answer, and tl;dr-ness... In the days of 1.09.4, the maximum allowed filesize for executing scripts using the exec insertfilenamehere.txt was 4KB. Now while having fun with SRB2 Cineblast's bot system, i made a script which auto-loads bots with names...
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    [Reusable] SRB2Cineblast

    During netgame (with multiple people) when a mapchange happens, on one user's end, every bot has been kicked like it would be, but on other user's end, one or more bots still remain, which means each players "thinks" there are diffirent number of bots running. (fixing this can only be done by...
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    Which SRB2 mod MS version number is which?

    I recently looked for random servers on the MS launcher, and i saw 2 mod version numbers: 0.16.1 and 0.42.5 I assume those are XSRB2 V005 and SRB2CineBlast v0.21 (or maybe not), but unfortunately, i forgot to set those up in the MS launcher, and confused which version is which. Neither those...
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    [Reusable] Air Glider

    Dream Gliding Event from M&S ATOWG anyone? XD