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    Master Server issue: Ping

    I saw this on the master server right now: It dosen't look normal. What happned?
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    The $$$Sav Fine won't be downloaded

    When I connect to a server the $$Sav File Won't download. It always stops at 2Kb. This error started to annoy me since I recived the new modem. Its not a Timeout Connection and the allowjoin is on. This is very frustrating because I cannot connect to any kind of server. (The port 5029 is open.)...
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    Color Problem?

    Whenever i ask someone use a coulored name i recive this error: Player *2* Sent a bad name change then i ask to the other uses and they say that they can see the colors on the name.. Why i can't? And also when i try to use a coulored name i get a cfail from my own serv. Help? Plz? .P.S.: i...
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    Sector not closed?

    In Srb2DB when i open "Find Map Errors" i find so many unclosed sectors. How do i close them?