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    = Metroid Vanguard = Samus Aran in SRB2 [v1.1]

    The only one wasting time here is you complaining continually about an issue that was so simple it was already resolved several pages ago in this thread. Judging is not a comprehensive test where judges examine every element of anything that is in a mod -- it's just a general overview to make...
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    = Metroid Vanguard = Samus Aran in SRB2 [v1.1]

    SRB2 is a game based on one of the most child-friendly franchises out there, it draws in a METRIC FUCKTON of extremely young kids -- any relation to DOOM is irrelevant at best. Just because it runs on the DOOM engine doesn't say anything about the content within. Ever heard of Chex Quest...
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    Unleashed Sonic In SRB2

    You don't need to tone police people, Inferno. He already clarified that he wasn't meaning to crap on other mods, leave it at that. :V
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    Advance Sonic comes back to srb2

    As always, don't evade releases, and don't try to release things without getting permission for them if they aren't yours. I've locked the thread as a result.
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    [Reusable] Zone Builder

    Is there a reason you didn't update the version number? I was seriously confused about this new update because it's the exact same number.
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    [Reusable] The Momentum Mod

    "Fragile" my ass! People are completely justified to be upset over rude comments towards their work. You say "Well, if the opinion that the boy gave you is useless, and you don't know what to put, then don't put anything, miss ...", but it's actually the people who make the rude comments who...
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    [Reusable] Sonic R abilities

    Just for the sake of transparency, this isn't something that normally would have passed submissions, as it's a just a very minor 12 or so lines of code which remap abilities to other pre-existing ones. I almost thought it needed a second look and should be rejected retroactively, because it...
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    [Reusable] Trevor The... Not even :/

    Look, guys. It really isn't your job to decide what's personally worth of releases or not. I understand people might not be used to viewing it this way, yet, but here's the fact of the matter: Releases is not a collection of the best and greatest mod and it is not a privilege to have your mod...
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    [Reusable] Cman Version 3.1

    Oh yes, if it's a pk3, don't make it a rar too. The point of rars is to save space, but pk3s are already compressed (which is cool) so don't use a rar also. All it does is make downloading Cman take an extra step to download and play.
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    [Reusable] BIONICLE Sky Temple

    This is really cool. I assume the course is original and the theme is from the game? As I never played it, I'm not sure. I find it weirdly nostalgic, despite having never played the game. Wow, the music is super serene, too... you did a very nice job with this. I'm impressed :o
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    [Reusable] Cman Version 3.1

    I looked into the situation and cleared everything up. It's pretty clear that Professor Eevee published their mod as re-usable with the drop dash script, and after seeing that Cman used the script, changed the reusability and then came here to call it theft. That's pretty ridiculous, really --...
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    [Reusable] Cman Version 3.1

    Confirming the above. Don't throw accusations around that you haven't done your research on. And if you have done your research and there is a real problem, just bring it to the mods.
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    [Reusable] Cman Version 3.1

    Here he is... the legendary Cman!
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    [Reusable] A.I.R Eevee V.1.4.5

    It's not illegal if that code is marked as reusable. When you upload a mod you made, you can choose whether you want to let people re-use or modify it in their own stuff or not let them do that. No rules are being broken here!