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    Nah. A "Team Robotnik" is most likely to have Robotnik in it. My ideal "Team Robotnik" would consist of him, Eggette and Eggrobo. (Also, I prefer to call him "Eggman".)
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    That must've been written before Adventure Sonic came out.
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    Mattioz Pack - V1.3.9 - New Layout Metropolis, Graphical Remaster to Advanced Emerald Hill

    Awesome map pack! I haven't player SRB2Kart in a long time. This is seriously making me consider jumping back in.
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    Espio the Chameleon

    Espio's finally been updated!
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    RushChars - Blaze and Marine

    These characters are so amazing! Their abilities are so inventive! Got the Sol Emeralds as both. Had the time of my life, something I haven't had since Adventure Sonic, Mario, Modern Sonic, etc. Great job!
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    Super Mario Bros.

    What's "pvp"?
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    [Reusable] Legacy Espio (v2.95)

    Can you please change Legacy Espio's sprites and skin name (preferably to "legacyespio") to be his own and not overwrite 2.2 Espio? I want to be able to use them both and the same time.
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    Squash and Stretch in 2.2.9

    Great mod!
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    Classic (Proper) Sounds

    carlrev updated Classic (Proper) Sounds with a new update entry: Version 4.2 Read the rest of this update entry...
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    Classic (Proper) Sounds - Version 4.2

    Added Metal sound support for Metal Knuckles (CSP only).
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    Classic Colors

    Sure! Go for it!
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    Super Mario Bros.

    It's an edit I made of a Green Hill-styled level from SRB2 v2.1. Don't remember where I got it from, though. 1641934081 I already figured out the "dive on attack" thing some time ago.
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    Top speed lua structure

    Yeah, I kinda gave up shortly after I posted this thread. It probably doesn't matter anymore.
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    Super Mario Bros.

    You edit Modern Sonic's luas and change "modernsonic" to any character you want in both luas.
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    Super Mario Bros.

    It's not an actual mod you can get. I just modified Modern Sonic's scripts by changing "modernsonic" to "mario" in both of his scripts. (This works with other characters, too, but not perfectly.) If you want to try it yourself, I suggest you make a copy of the original Modern Sonic mod first and...