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    Sonic X (X-Sonic) Progress

    Who is the scripter?
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    Cutedy's SRB2... Stuff.

    That`s me. ... Again...
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    How to recenter mini continue graphic.

    Offsets :worry:
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    My hunt for decent Bluetooth earbuds

    do airpods
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    Skid and Pump (The Spookeez)

    Bruh why is this so dead?
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    Sonic X (X-Sonic) Progress

    Awesome! But what are the abilities?
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    Alt Tails

    i know and i think i can
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    Jam Sonic Thread (previously YAS)

    I very like the Share ability but i think you can use some more originality with just sonic(yeah you did a very hard job spriting but you know that sonics are overused)
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    Sonic X (X-Sonic) Progress

    Keep up the good work! Tho make rings less OP because in the anime it made you go speen. maybe give that ability with atleast 1 emerald and 50 rings for 50 sec tics
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    Alt Tails

    If sonic go forward the tails go up aka Make Atom dash go up and go you fly dashmode can only be obtained in air and boosts mainly your vertical momentum and shit and you can spindash in air to go up
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    Need assistance making a better Telekinesis

    Collide and then P_DamageMobj function
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    Need assistance making a better Telekinesis

    Hmmmmm yes. just add a variable to those enemies or something and then if they collide make them go die
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    BrightEmerald's Modding Thread

    Bro please no more sonics ;-;
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    lua tag

    All the SRB2 Stuff like Enemies and Game Types that exist are for some reason in SRB2 Source Code