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    Cosmic Chars wip thread

    There's a bug where you automatically go strafe after crouch and jump
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    2.1 Levels

    @OGAmyDroid can you update the mod i sent you the 2.1 knuckles lua thing weeks ago
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    Super Sonic

    I love the new update!Say , do you have any plans on other supports , such as dark.lua?
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    Modern Mighty

    Use "player.pflags & PF_JUMPED" or something
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    2.1 Levels

    I've seen 2.1 Knuckles code , i'll try to help you
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    2.1 Levels

    Yeah , me too
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    Soap the Hedge!

    The sprite just feels so smooth somehow 1660747701 This is a great mod , hope to see more progress because i adore the sprite already
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    Terra the Pangolin

    Ah , thank you
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    Terra the Pangolin

    There's some bug i found(plus i think you forgot to add the OOF_ sprite)
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    [Reusable] Multi-Carry (2.1 Port)

    This should be fixed(replace S_PLAY_SPIN with S_PLAY_ROLL)
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    Legacy Chaos 0

    I have a suggestion , make him red when touching fire things like that one time at lego dimension sonic pack DLC
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    emerald's special stage

    Cool , is there any abilities?
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    Terra the Pangolin

    Hey , if you are the scripter , can you fix this bug with the Hyper Dash?
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    New Project!!!!

    Anyways , we've done the bounce thing you suggested and it was great!(thanks for giving a great idea , but thanks to Sonic Bloodshed , it became real) , we're planning on doing other things you suggested and Xmomentum support.
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    New Project!!!!

    How did you expect logic from a fast blue alien hedgehog game