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    Retro Palette Pack

    Big Brain Time, add the Game Boy Color Palette.
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    [Character] EarlessR

    this is very cursed
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    [Graphics] Assets for new Steam UI

    You should totally make some of these for SRB2
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    [Character] Leonguy's Character Pack!✧*˚

    Could you make the sprites for inside drift FK him leaning in to the drift? Like this ^
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    [Script] [1.5]KartMP: A hot take on Kart balance

    Can you add a version that has all of the features enabled automatically so I don't have to enabled every single one every time?
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    [Reusable] SRB2Kart 1.3 - Moe Mansion

    I made an account to ask how to use this but I figured it out already sooo... yeah