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    What are the oddest things that happened to you on IRC?

    Read Title. Basically, I called possesed, and got banned from #srb2fun and #furry.
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    Custom Projectile?

    Is it possible to make a custom, pickup projectile? (Similar to Rail Ring)
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    Ring Free Sector?

    I'd like to know if it's possible to make a sector where it isn't possible to be shot inside?
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    Custom Things refuse to work

    I've been trying to make Custom Things, but each time I use it sigsevs when ever I spawn the Thing. What am I doing wrong?
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    Sector Spikes

    I'm trying to make Sector Spikes for my level, but the wiki has no information of how to make them, how do I make the spikes?
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    SRB2 Doom Builder

    Either make a new CFG file or use the MAP number of the Thing.
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    Thing Problem.

    I'm trying to make a Thing similar to the Spring Rings in Sonic Unleashed, but on Spawn the Sigsev. What's the problem?
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    Spring Assistance

    I'm trying to make the boost rings similar to Sonic Unleashed but when I try to edit the distance values, I use the Red spring for a reference and I see that it uses an odd number. I'm not sure how that number becomes 1024. Help is appreciated.
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    SRB2DB Configuration

    I'm trying to add a second configuration to SRB2DB, how would I do that?
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    SOC "Check if touching wall"

    I'm trying to have an object that will only stay in existence if it's touching a wall. How would I go about doing that?
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    A-star's Soccer Ball help topic

    I'm bringing back my Soccer Ball project and I need some help. 1)I'm trying to make it so the object if pushable, and if you spin into it if goes 128 pixels forward, 64 pixels upwards. What happens is that nothing happens when you spin into it. EXTRA INFO: My Flags are: MF_SOLID...
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    Axis Transfer Line problem

    I'm trying to make a NiGHTS level, but when I hit the first Axis Transfer Line, I rapidly bounce off it instead of going through.
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    Thok Barrier Troubles.

    I'm trying to add a Thok Barrier. The Level has open spaces you can't access. How do I add a Thok Barrier to those Places?
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    Faster Ring Drain?

    For my level, there's a bonus room (and it just so happens that there are 1000+ rings in it ._.') and I use ring drainer (vs. Attraction shield) and it you lose about two rings a second, and gaining 50 (or so) a second. If there anyway to speed up the ring loss cycle without hard coding?
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    Fog Block Substitute

    I'm trying to get something that can replace a Fog Block (The current Fog Block is really glitchy in OpenGL). I tried an Intangible Translucent Block, but there is no color inside the block. If you can't figure that out, here's a simpler version I need a Fog Block that doesn't glitch in OpenGL.