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Perhaps you want cake
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This was made a little while back, but it's good: Bicentennial Man
This topic made me laugh
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I just found out about this one today.

Koyaanisqatsi is a 1983 art film that has no characters, no coherent storyline, and no dialogue. Instead, the film is conveyed through a series of single film shots, some conventional, and others derived using time-lapse photography, as well as the accompanying score. Although the film strongly hints towards an intended critique of humanity's problems such as pollution, listlessness, and over-consumption, ultimately the viewer is left to make his or her own conclusions.

I think that you'll either find it to be poignant, sensually overwhelming, or hopelessly pretentious. Anyway, I'd encourage you all to see it, at least for its score and bold cinematographic techniques, both of which become more and more intense as the film progresses. If you click the above link, I am sorry about the ads.

On a more personal note, I've decided to retire the grades that I usually assign to each film that I comment on or recommend here. Koyaanisqatsi, I feel, deserves an "A" for its aforementioned musical score and cinematographic techniques. However, being used to action in my films, I felt a little deteched from the movie and would have probably given it a "B" because of that. This is a strictly personal issue, however, and I feel that the grade assigned by somebody with different preferences would probably differ from my own. In the future, if I thought that a movie was good and would recommend it, I'll mention that explicitly. If it was bad or mediocre, I'll probably mention that as well.
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Gemini Spark
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I've recently seen Interstella 5555, which also has no dialogue, yet it conveys the plot so well you'd know it would be better off without dialogue. Also, Daft Punk.
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lyra x bonbno is esbt shop

Originally Posted by Gemini Spark View Post
I've recently seen Interstella 5555, which also has no dialogue, yet it conveys the plot so well you'd know it would be better off without dialogue. Also, Daft Punk.

Basically Discovery as one huge music video.
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Ohaythar Col5on!


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Not like I've seen it (As I don't like seeing movies onlline, and my Interwebz sucks) but it seems I found out the creepiest, most bizarre, screwed up, goriest and rawest movie ever created, it was literally so violent and disturbing, it was censored in 50 countries, and the effects were so real, the movie's director was accused of murder, and was in jail 10 days waiting for his trial as the authorities thought this was a first class assasin.

Worst of all, the movie DOES include actual 100% murder scenes, 7 animal murder scenes to be precise, as in that time, animal abuse wasn't ilegal, the director ordered the murder of a sea turtle, monkeys and others for the mere realism of the movie, this movie is Cannibal Holocaust.

So if anyone here like that fucked-up gore movie style and think Saw and Hostel were the best at it, then think again.
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