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Default The best level of srb2 levels or OLDC.

Hey guys, put The best level of srb2 or OLDC that you played it.

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Dumbventure was originally entered in the May/June 2011 OLDC, where it scored a 9.58, the highest of any Single Player map submitted while the contest still used an absolute scoring system.
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2.1: I really loved Digital Empire. Very difficult, but everything was put together so well, I didn't want it to end. For single maps, Seraphic Skylands has some intense prettiness.
2.0: Dumbventure, hands down. But since D00D64-X already self-promoted, I'd have to go with Thompson's maps - Sparkling Icecap, Twilight Isles, etc.
1.09.4: BMCDRZ2, a level pack by Penopat. Specifically, Sinow Forest Zone 12, which I love to pieces for its deconstruction of the medium.
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Mystic realm and tortured planet are my favorite level packs. Gravity garden is my favorite single level.

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Chromatian Kiske
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2.1: The Emerald Isles Was my absolute favorite levelpack back in 1.09.4, there was pretty much nothing around that could hold a candle to it (Besides Morph's Levelpack). Its been ported to 2.1 and has had a few levels redesigned, so go take a look.

2.1: Clock Towers Introduced a whole new style of 2D mode that literally no one else has bothered to use.

2.0: Hidden Sanctuary is a short but satisfying single level with a pretty theme, despite the simplistic texture use.

2.0: Oceanic Cove is arguably the largest single level in 2.0. Originally a 1.09.4 mega level, it was split into two acts to save SRB2 sanity when trying to run it. Still enjoyable today, and a shame it hasn't been brought over to 2.1.
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ms reflec beat stan
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Glacier Gear: A cool ice level with some clever platforming mechanics. Strong visual design and feels fresh for an early 2.1 map.

Haunted Heights: An extremely solidly-built map that, although lacking in unique gimmicks, has enough pure polish to be worth playing.

Quickweeb: A cool little emulation of Mega Man-esque 2D platforming. Almost makes up for the theme. Almost.

Updoer: A clever test of SRB2's physics that will challenge the most skilled players. Pass on the last map, though.

And while I wouldn't consider it a highlight of the community, I thought SRB2MD was cute.


Dumbventure: Cleverly built, cleverly written, and loads of fun. I can't believe it gets away with blatantly throwing random garbage together. Probably my favorite level in the entire SRB2 community. (2.1 port)

Antiland: A fun, mind-bending puzzle map. Definitely a different experience from most 2.0 maps.

Cloud Cradle and its golf counterpart: I haven't actually played this in a while so it might just be nostalgia, but I always thought the map was pretty clever, despite being short and kind of cheap in spots.

I haven't played 1.09.x in way too long to bring up much aside from Botanic Serenity. Most of it is probably pretty trash by current standards anyway.
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Seraphic Skylands Zone (v2.1) nice architecture ,well detailed and Fun to play :
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I wouldn't say these are the best levels of SRB2 history and you should forget all the levels that everyone else has made. These are some of my personal favorites that really synced into my memory banks and remembering having a blast with. Maybe sometime in the future I'll post an update when the 2.2 era kicks in but for now, these are some of my personal favorites.

Spoiler: 2.1
The Emerald Isles - I never really played The Emerald Isles back in the 2.0 days but when I saw a port for 2.1 I was willing to try it out and I have to say, the level design is pretty great and I always enjoy replaying through the mod from start to finish.

Clock Towers Zone - Introduced a new concept of playing and designing a level with Axis2D. Like Chrome said, nobody other than one other person has used Axis2D for anything and it's a shame. We could really get some cool and interesting level ideas out there using Axis2D.

Glacier Gear Zone - Probably the only ice themed level I can tolerate for a while. Seriously though, this level had some unique ideas with the Wacky Workbench floors and the new goop (at the time) and the music was really good.

Cloud Convoy Zone - Another level made by toaster. I voted this level first place back in the July/August 2014 OLDC and my reason for it still stands. But other than that, it's a really fun short level that takes the concept of Sky Chase Zone from Sonic 2 and adds it to SRB2. I wish this was brought back with an update and maybe see this idea worked in with other themes.

I'll do the 2.0 era later but for now, I'm feeling lazy.
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Backseat Developer
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Since I technically hadn't played anything before the 2.1 contest, so I won't have a 2.0 contest section. The winners for me are:

Seraphic Skylands Zone
Quickman 2
Proud Sky
Scarlet Lake
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I was waiting for a thread like this to show up just to say my personal favorite SRB2 level would be Thompson's Clockwork Grove Zone back in 2.0. Everything about it I just loved thematically and it stood out to me in a way other levels really haven't despite the fact the layout itself is pretty confusing the first couple of times through. There's definite flaws throughout it, but the unique and creative gimmicks along with multiple pathways made it very enjoyable regardless; planting a seed to get a large beanstalk to grow and changing the time of day to get plants to rise being among them.
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Seraphic Skylands Zone
Glacier Gear
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Seraphic Skylands
Gravity Garden
Srb2 & Knuckles With Chuckles at FlipGoop Station with Knuckles
Clockwork Towers
Sacred Woodland
Haunted Heights


Sapphire Coast Series
Eggmansion Series
Srb2: Dumbventure
Sparkling Icecap
Chemical Facility
Sonic's Schoolhouse
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What, nobody's mentioned EGGMANWAY7:Quest for Eggmanways 1 through 4 - REVENGE OF FINAL DEMO?????????

it's in one of the most recent oldc topics
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