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I have a few mentions of levels that I enjoy a lot on this game, in no particular order:

Mystic Realm
Technically a level pack but, it was the first modification I played back when I started playing in 2.0.X. It has quite a nostalgic value for me now, specially the music.

Oceanic Cove Zone
A friend showed me this level a while ago and I'm still grateful. Every second of this level was an amazing experience, a lot of content to explore, felt like a completly different experience. Totally worth all the hours I spent on it. I still revisit it from time to time.

Illumination Aerie Zone
Probably my favourite level at the moment. This is probably the only map on srb2 that gives me a soothing feeling, from the music and the color combination, a surreal experience. One of the most unique maps I've played and I recommend playing. This map also was my main source of inspiration for my Kawaiii entry.

Mondo Mountain
It's hard to explain why I like this one a lot. A very solid and charming level, had lots of fun looking for the emeralds on the mountains.

Kodachrome Void Zone
Pretty much got mindblow after playing this zone. It showed me that creativity has no limits when it comes to map design.

Peak Waterfalls Zone
A special mention. It was a definitely good experience and I think I still didn't fully explored it yet. Lots of paths and secrets, clever slope usage and visuals on point. I sense a lot of potential from this creator and I'd love to see more of their work.

Moonlit Island
While I don't really play match on this game had to mention this one. Everything on this level feels pretty natural and the lighting effects are amazing. I'll shamelessly admit I must have spent a fair amount of time on this zone just hanging out and admiring the attention of detail on it.
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