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The levels that truly blew my mind, in rough order of mind-blow, are:

Oceanic Cove Zone, by 123Runite
- basically a whole world-in-a-zone
- the music makes me wanna cry

BlueZero4's completed levels
- atmospheric in a way few people managed or have managed since
- beautiful architecture

Kodachrome Void Zone, by Boinciel
- holy shit my eyes
- hard as hell, in a fun way
- this is one of those levels that I don't even know how the author pulled it off
- one of the few levels on this list that was made in the last few years
- music is bangin' too

The Emerald Isles, by Kuja
- the first zone blew my mind as a kid, I didn't know levels could even manage that type of scale
- makes you feel like you're exploring an entire damn continent

Dumbventure, by D00D64
- playful, fun and hilarious to boot
- dumb story, smart level design
- actually feels like an adventure! No one's really made this style of level progression since, as far as I'm aware. It's more something I'd expect from Doom's community, not SRB2's

Undersea Palace, by Callum
- I have a thing for tidal tempest music, okay?
- felt big and mysterious and dangerous
- idk if people even remember this one, tbh, it was in an OLDC I didn't bother looking up

Most stuff by Thompson
- I was pretty jealous of this guy's ideas so I always tried my hardest to hate his levels when I played them. Despite that they were still some terribly amazing levels. Blame middle-school angst, I guess.

I guess this list is pretty old and I've probably forgotten a few. Mostly, I have awesome memories of these levels as a kid, when I was young and impressionable. As I get older, my mind is less and less likely to get blown by SRB2 levels, and I guess that's just part of getting older.
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