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Originally Posted by D00D64 View Post
You really can't mention anything besides your own level?

Anyway, only OLDC map I truly remember off the top of my head is Vibrant Vendetta Zone. People said it ruined the joke but it was a solid enough level and hey, it's the only one I didn't have to sift through the wiki to remember.

Mystic Realm was also pretty awesome back in the 1.09 days. Better than the main game at the time. There was also Kuja's The Emerald Isles that I particularly remembered enjoying. There were a ton of level packs back during 1.09 I couldn't possibly remember and while they would probably show their age or seem basic compared to what SRB2 has now they were tons of fun. It's a shame we don't see as many now.

Oh, and SRB2Kart is one of the best .exe mods ever, any version.

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