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I wouldn't say these are the best levels of SRB2 history and you should forget all the levels that everyone else has made. These are some of my personal favorites that really synced into my memory banks and remembering having a blast with. Maybe sometime in the future I'll post an update when the 2.2 era kicks in but for now, these are some of my personal favorites.

Spoiler: 2.1
The Emerald Isles - I never really played The Emerald Isles back in the 2.0 days but when I saw a port for 2.1 I was willing to try it out and I have to say, the level design is pretty great and I always enjoy replaying through the mod from start to finish.

Clock Towers Zone - Introduced a new concept of playing and designing a level with Axis2D. Like Chrome said, nobody other than one other person has used Axis2D for anything and it's a shame. We could really get some cool and interesting level ideas out there using Axis2D.

Glacier Gear Zone - Probably the only ice themed level I can tolerate for a while. Seriously though, this level had some unique ideas with the Wacky Workbench floors and the new goop (at the time) and the music was really good.

Cloud Convoy Zone - Another level made by toaster. I voted this level first place back in the July/August 2014 OLDC and my reason for it still stands. But other than that, it's a really fun short level that takes the concept of Sky Chase Zone from Sonic 2 and adds it to SRB2. I wish this was brought back with an update and maybe see this idea worked in with other themes.

I'll do the 2.0 era later but for now, I'm feeling lazy.
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