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Glacier Gear: A cool ice level with some clever platforming mechanics. Strong visual design and feels fresh for an early 2.1 map.

Haunted Heights: An extremely solidly-built map that, although lacking in unique gimmicks, has enough pure polish to be worth playing.

Quickweeb: A cool little emulation of Mega Man-esque 2D platforming. Almost makes up for the theme. Almost.

Updoer: A clever test of SRB2's physics that will challenge the most skilled players. Pass on the last map, though.

And while I wouldn't consider it a highlight of the community, I thought SRB2MD was cute.


Dumbventure: Cleverly built, cleverly written, and loads of fun. I can't believe it gets away with blatantly throwing random garbage together. Probably my favorite level in the entire SRB2 community. (2.1 port)

Antiland: A fun, mind-bending puzzle map. Definitely a different experience from most 2.0 maps.

Cloud Cradle and its golf counterpart: I haven't actually played this in a while so it might just be nostalgia, but I always thought the map was pretty clever, despite being short and kind of cheap in spots.

I haven't played 1.09.x in way too long to bring up much aside from Botanic Serenity. Most of it is probably pretty trash by current standards anyway.
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