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2.1: The Emerald Isles Was my absolute favorite levelpack back in 1.09.4, there was pretty much nothing around that could hold a candle to it (Besides Morph's Levelpack). Its been ported to 2.1 and has had a few levels redesigned, so go take a look.

2.1: Clock Towers Introduced a whole new style of 2D mode that literally no one else has bothered to use.

2.0: Hidden Sanctuary is a short but satisfying single level with a pretty theme, despite the simplistic texture use.

2.0: Oceanic Cove is arguably the largest single level in 2.0. Originally a 1.09.4 mega level, it was split into two acts to save SRB2 sanity when trying to run it. Still enjoyable today, and a shame it hasn't been brought over to 2.1.
Your freedom lies within the Hidden Sanctuary.
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