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Old 10-04-2018   #141
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Originally Posted by RomioTheBadass View Post
I'm not saying the current one's better, I'm just saying the new one could use some improvement, I didn't feel the sense of "threat" from it.
Neither I feel that sense it used to in the old version; but it still being great.
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Sergeant Brown
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On the matter of the remastered soundtrack, I just want to state that it's quite a shame the new Techno Hill 1 music had to severely downplay the once-epic trumpet intro in order to make every other part infinitely better.

As for the other two tracks revealed, I can only really say with confidence that it could go either way between the new and the original for me (or, in the case of the boss fight music, between the new and the guitar version).
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Old 11-24-2018   #143
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Does SRB2 v2.2 Support windows 7?
because i don't have plans to upgrade to windows 10 after 2020
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Old 11-24-2018   #144
btw do not touch the sonic
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Originally Posted by Michael12345 View Post
Does SRB2 v2.2 Support windows 7?
because i don't have plans to upgrade to windows 10 after 2020
Yeah I'm pretty sure that SRB2 is gonna support Windows 7 for a long, long time since it still can run on bloody XP of all operating systems still out there.
You can stay calm, nothings going to happen that will suddenly make SRB2 drop your OS support.
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Old 11-25-2018   #145
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Plot twist: SRB2 2.2 only supported on Windows Vista.
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Old 12-22-2018   #146
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Would there be some sort of plan to make the classic sound effects in the game consistent?
Point being that there's a handful of sfx that are used that are pulled from Sonic 2 (laser fire, spindash / roll, chaos emerald, etc) and while a few of them fit their intended purpose, they have equivalents residing in the ENTIRE S3K sfx library that's in srb2.srb. Not only that but these seem to have been rendered with higher quality sound than some of the Sonic 2 equivalents (the checkpoint, crumbling terrain, and the end signpost come to mind).
With a full overhaul to the visual part of the presentation one would hope they'd tidy up the audio presentation a bit too.
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Default mmmMmMmmMMMMMmm sPicY LeAKs

So this thread hasn't been touched in around 3 months, and during that 3 months, the devs got leak-happy all of a sudden and began leaking 2.2 stuff all around the discord.

So I might as well catalogue as much as I can find here for those that aren't part of the discord ;^)


Starting off we have Deep Sea Act 2 (or what I assume to be DSZ2 due to the different skybox)

Another CEZ1 screenshot, but for anyone that has played v1.09.4, these pillars would look familiar...

(btw the devs did confirm that 2.2 CEZ1 will be based off of 1.09.4 CEZ1 xd)
Now for CEZ2 stuff

A skybox update for GFZ1 :O

MYSTERY LEVEL O: Taking advantage of 2.2's palette (may or may not be part of 2.2 tho, take this image with a grain of salt)

And back to CEZ2 stuff
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