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Default How to allow people to join my games?

Well, this is something that has been bothering me by years, at first, people was able to join my games, but if more than 1 person joined, my computer crashed, that problem got solved.

But since around 2008, I have not been able to allow people to join my games, I say yes to ¨Internet Server¨ and when I host noone will join, even when I´m the only host.

I have seen people telling me to join their games, they tell me the names of their games and when I check the list, it is not there, then I try to join by IP (by searching on listserv) and when I do so, it keeps just as if there was no server being hosted.

PS: I do not use an antivirus.
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...Didn't we go through this for MONTHS now? You gotta re-forward your ports. There are guides in MANY topics around here for this, but...I can't remember any of them :P. Go looking, you may find something.
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*cough* *cough look there cough*

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