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Blaze The Cat
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Default Scripts that support Non-Standard Characters

If you've ever made a character WAD, they are literally the public face of SRB2 modding; they are instant on, instantly enjoyable. However, some scripts (some very little known or very well known) can also take advantage of these character WADs, producing different appearances and effects based on who you choose.

Botskin.lua -
Allows you to turn the team of Sonic and Tails into who you please.

RollTheDice.wad - By SSG3, could be released soon!
Roll an imaginary die and get a random effect.
Modification support: Allows you to add character-specific rolls to the roll table.

ringhealthv1-1c.lua -
Your rings become a health meter as well as your ammo.
Modification support: Add custom objects to the damage table

character_diceroll.lua -
Picks a character randomly for you at the beginning of a map.

classes.wad -
Gives players certain weapons based on their skin choice.
Modification support: Allows you to add a class for a skin.

VictoryPose.wad -
Gives characters a victory pose when they exit a level.
Modification support: Doesn't have direct support for dynamically adding entries, but with the growing list of added poses, it seems likely that you can just ask the creator.

secondcolor.wad -
Gives you a changeable pair of colored shoes.
Modification support: Also doesn't have direct dynamic modification support, but like Victory Pose, you can contact the creator.

If I missed any, please feel free to mention them.

It may be helpful to contact the creator of the script or WAD on how to set up custom content for their modification if you plan on creating a character.

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Sometimes I sprite "things"
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I don't know if I'm sure, but RunParticles.lua, have a compatibility with "Non-Custom Running States" Characters (I don't know how I can call it), I'm trying to make It compatible with characters that have different states of running animation, I've tried with variables as normalspeed, speed, etc.
But I do not know if It should be on that list, anyway, is compatible with some characters.
But hey, this thread is good to see which wads are compatible with the modded characters.
"The more detail that I put in the sprite, means the effort that I put into it."
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Blaze The Cat
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This is more of a thread to help point out to character creators of scripts that can change based on custom character WADs. RunParticles simply gives everyone a little dust trail when they run, which imposes a global effect rather than a character specific one.
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