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Well I played through all 4 single player levels and here is what I thought. (I didn't try the multiplayer levels yet because I would need people to play with in it and noone wanted to join my netgame)

Mill Citadel Act 1
It was a pretty good level. I liked the sand gimmicks. (Thats not a bad thing.)

Mill Citadel Act 2
Act was was more of the same as act 1. But needed new things to differentiate itself from act 1. But another great level.

Mill Citadel Act 3
I liked the boss choice because the boss was missing from SRB2 2.0. It was a nice well constructed level.

Misc Realm
As you stated this was your first level and it was a good one at that.

Final Verdict
So far this mod is looking good. I can this mod to have a good future. I hope to see more levels from you. The only bad thing was the spikes not working but of course you know that.

Rating: 4.5/5
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