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New build: For now, I'm just going to post the changelog since it's late and I have to get up tomorrow morning:
+ Pattern-matching employed on lump names when detecting game config.
! Extended map numbers were handled incorrectly when testing maps.
+ Sector and texture defaults are now applied on a per-wad basis.
+ No-planes flag for FOFs in 3D mode is now accounted for.
+ Changed interface typeface. Not sure whether this is an improvement; feel free
  to let me know what you think.
+ Customisable FOF presets in the FOF editor.
+ Toolbar can be customised, but this isn't saved on exit yet.
+ FOFs can now be pointed at from the side.
! Per-wad defaults weren't initialised for new maps.
+ Sector descriptions: Set in the sector dialogue box, and displayed in a
  tooltip on mouseover.
+ FOF display in 3D mode can now be disabled.
+ Selecting a linedef and then hovering over an adjacent linedef will now show
  the angle they make with one another.
! Autosaving during certain operations caused problems, so we now check the
! Crash when finding angles between parallel linedefs.
+ Toolbar buttons for some of the new features.
! Yesterday's angle bugfix wasn't sufficient.
! Dragging sometimes caused crashes. Kludgey fix implemented, but doesn't really
  get to the root of the problem. Yesterday's autosave fix might have done the
  job anyway.
! Multiple MAINCFG lumps were sometimes saved in one wad.
+ MAINCFG reclassified in the config to take advantage of DB's DEHACKED editing
  facilities (PvdH's, not mine!). Renamed Dehacked.cfg to DehackedSRB2.cfg and
  updated it appropriately. It's far from complete, but most of the common stuff
  is in there.
+ FOFs can be created in 3D mode, but the *parent sector* needs to have been
  created in 2D mode, as there's still no way of drawing ordinary sectors in 3D
  mode. To create a FOF, assign a shortcut key to FOF Setup (Tools/
  Configuration/Shortcut Keys), and press it while pointing at the appropriate
  sector in 3D mode.
Thanks again for your feedback -- I'll reply to your individual points in the morning.


Well, it seems it's the morning already. So, some commentary, in a more-or-less desultory fashion:

cmcs21.ocx is CodeSense, which provides the syntax highlighting and so forth in the script editor. It should be packaged with the original DB (though it might not be), but once SRB2DB moves into beta and final versions, for which I'll provide installers, I'll make sure it's included.

The name is something I gave a bit (but admittedly not a lot) of thought to. I appreciate that "SRB2 Doom Builder" is a trifle unwieldy, but I shied away from losing the phrase "Doom Builder" from the title as I didn't feel I'd done enough of my own work to justify doing so.

Lump editing: Although I daresay it could be useful, I have no intentions of implementing a general-purpose lump editor in DB. This is because DB is a map editor, rather than a catch-all wad editor. One tool, one job. We've all seen what happens when word processors dress themselves up as DTP and web-publishing packages: things get bloated, development of the specialised features gets less attention and users get confused and produce second-rate results as they're trying to use the software for something it wasn't really designed to do, all to avoid learning and/or starting another app.

MAPnnD editing: What Tets said. I don't know whether MAPnnD lumps are officially deprecated yet, but MAINCFG does the job nicely and makes for shorter menus.

A little elucidation of this week's changes is, I think, in order:

Pattern-matching employed on lump names when detecting game config.
This means MR (and indeed any wad that only uses extended map numbers) is detected as an SRB2 wad.

Sector and texture defaults are now applied on a per-wad basis.
The, erm, default defaults can still be altered from the Configuration dialogue.

FOF display in 3D mode can now be disabled.
You need to set a shortcut key for this to work. I can't configure default keys yet, since that's achieved by providing a Builder.cfg with the key set, which would clobber all your other existing preferences. Betas/finals will fix this, as they'll be able to live separately from existing installations.

FOFs can be created in 3D mode.
But, as I mentioned above, you need to have a sector to put them in. I've yet to think of a way of designing an interface that would allow the user to draw sectors in 3D mode that wouldn't feel utterly bizarre. Any ideas?

A small note on bug reporting: To make my life easier, if you experience a crash, could you please post the EIP and the module name and version (all of which the crash dialogue box will tell you if you poke it hard enough). A precise description of what you were doing at the time also helps.

Thanks very much for all your bug reports and suggestions so far.
SRB2 Doom Builder | Workbench is still development...
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