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Nintendo consoles are popular with kids, and they get them all the time for their birthdays or Christmas. I have no doubts saying that children make up a large amount of the consumer percentage for Nintendo. Think, if you were a parent and you knew nothing about gaming, and you were on a low budget, would you buy the 3DS version, which is cheaper, or the Wii U version, which together with the console would be 360$ total.

Or another scenario, the 3DS version has come out and you've bought your child the game. He enjoys it, but now there is a Wii U version coming out. Once again, you are a parent who knows nothing about gaming, are you going to buy your child the same game on a different console?
Honestly, you are putting to much thought into this. Keep in mind, this is Nintendo, the same company who keeps repeating the same Mario games constantly, with barely anything new added to them. yet they keep on selling like hot cakes right out of the oven.

Heck look at the New Super Mario Bros Series, they have made 4 games out of pretty much the same material. And yet it still sells. And parents will give in as well to those kids who wants the newer released games.

Also once again, you are putting WAY to much thought into the fact, about how much a game is and if they will buy it or not. Because birthday or not, parents and even grand parents will buy some of the most expensive shit for the kids. (Not even joking) same game or not. So really, what you are saying is just a bit to much, Nintendo is also not the first company who has done this by the way. And those who has done what Nintendo did. Has become quite successful.

I mean look at the rereleased titles that has a slapped on "Special edition" on it, and being released on another console. Kids who ask for that, and parents got them it. So what makes it different for Super Smash Bros 4 on both 3DS and WiiU? Everything you have said, has been proven. Family's will go out of there way sometimes, and buy things. I know mine did when I was younger.
There is nothing much to read here.

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