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So a tournament for a game we haven't had any practice on. Nice, Nintendo. With all the changes they've made to the engine and character moves, it's not a tournament. This is the same as having Smash Bros N64 pros be added to Melee's Tournament roster and seeing what happens. And as a side note, I wouldn't be surprised if Mew2King joined the tourny and figures out who the new broken character is, and dominates everyone else.
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Let me explain my reasoning. By releasing the 3DS version first, it takes all of the spotlight off of the Wii U version. Why is this important? Most people own a 3DS, and since it has a higher userbase, most will buy the 3DS version.

Then the Wii U version comes in. By then, the 3DS version will have been out 4-7 months, and nobody will want to buy the Wii U version. Thus the Wii U version will become a second fiddle for the 3DS version and won't contribute sales to the Wii U as a whole.

It's just the most stupid release decision I have ever seen. Really Nintendo. Really.
The Wii U version will always be the superior version. If you're having friends who want to play Smash Bros, why would they choose the 3DS version when they can play it on a big HDTV? Your reasoning only applies if the 3DS version was released 6 months after the Wii U version came out. The only reason you would buy it then is if you really want to play it outside of your house, or have friends who only have the 3DS version. But by having the 3DS with you first, we get to fall in love with the inferior one first. Good move, Nintendo.

And for the new online modes, I'm glad that's there. With Brawl, I don't want to join a match and be stuck with 3 other taunters. A 4 taunt match is boring. I am now forced to wait for someone to leaVe, and hope that the next joiner is someone who wants to fight. When that happens, it turns into a 3 vs 1 fight, which is mean but kind of fun. If I want a real fight, I join a Team Brawl. The problem is, you have to get 4 players in total to fight. Otherwise it's just 1 - 3 players stuck in the Waiting Lobby. But not with the Wii U version. Now I know that taunters will be in For Fun, where they have all the items and bosses to play with, while I'll be in For Glory, actually HAVING fun.
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Personally, if SEGA makes a nice sum of cash, they're doing their job well. They don't need to appeal to hordes of manchildren that are pissed that some kid games aren't fun to play.
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