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Let me explain my reasoning. By releasing the 3DS version first, it takes all of the spotlight off of the Wii U version. Why is this important? Most people own a 3DS, and since it has a higher userbase, most will buy the 3DS version.
I was actually concerned about how the 3DS version would fare. In my experience the strength of Smash Bros was always the local multiplayer. In Brawl, online mode and subspace emissary were icing on the cake.

Home consoles are made more for local multiplayer than handhelds. I love Mario Kart 7 and think it is a stronger entry than MKWii, but I very seldom play it because it's just not the same playing online or against the CPU when compared to having four people playing and reacting to everything at the same time.

What Nintendo needs to do is to make both Brawl and Melee irrelevant with this game, which means catering strongly to both the casual (Brawl) and the hardcore (Melee). So far, every move they've made with this entry is achieving just that, from streamlining characters (no Sheik transformation, or Pokemon swap), to offering final destination reskins, to continuing to build on the wild assortment of items and wildcards (level bosses) for everyone else.

If SSB WiiU doesn't sell, I think it will have more to do with the market perception of WiiU than how they are marketing this game.
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