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well for me it's just a character derivative of a story i made, it used to be a Stickman and to have blushes in his cheeks, black hair, and no glasses, he was also who i used to represent me, even with the same name, KÝbito, however, one day i was starting to become more distant in personality to this character, and i don't really like self insertion in stories, though, the design kinda grew on me, as well as the name, so i kept that, and changed his, it's not good, don't ask for it, at the start it was the same, but without the blushes, and light brown hair, however over time, i added features that are more akin to me in real life, like the glasses, the jacket, and a usually frown expression, with a really shy attitude on the outside, i haven't changed him in a long time, but i wonder if i'll do so in the future, since my avatars tend to change as i grow up, whether it is the same but taller, or an entirely new one, as the character it originated from was called KÝbito, i called him KÝbitwo, he's the one i've used the most, as i haven't changed anything on him on years, one thing is sure, at least i'll miss him when it inevitably happens, and he has to go.

Holy, i went a little dark there, and what bible i wrote, sorry for that.
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