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In Vanilla Hotel the door's timer is a bit too slow, and it doesn't always act like it's supposed to if you finish laps too fast. Rather than being closed then opening as you approach it, it's already open then quickly closes and re-opens to "catch up" to how it's supposed to be.

It's easiest to see with Sonic and Metal, I consistently have it happen on laps 2 and 3 if I don't make any mistakes. But even slower characters like Tails can see it happen, although not close enough for it to actually be dangerous. You can see it at the start of the Tails gif if you look closely.
I didn't care at first, until I crashed into it.

Edit: I can beat the level a bit faster now, to the point where I go in the door right before it closes in lap 2, but I'm still not fond of the potential for it to ruin runs for people. It's pretty clearly not an intentional feature at the very least.

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