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Nope, I don't have a new PC yet... (for some reason...) But I do have the long awaited update that SHOULD polish things out from here.

Updated to:
Version 7

Roasted Ravine Zone Act 3, now temporarily called: Cactus Shield Mobile from SUBARASHII has been added to the roster.

There is a somewhat final boss you can fight once you beat every single boss stage (Mecha Sonic, OldBrak, and Boss X) against a powerful enemy at the top of a tower.

Metal Sonic 2.0 has been removed, however Metal Redone gets a brand new stage to boot, more reminiscent of the Sonic Generations Boss fight, except it's not.

Fixed a bug where losing the chance to get the emerald was missing from Version 6.2.

Flame Breath actually had a Boss Picture as well... I uh, had a typo.

You might not know or remember this new title screen song, but just call it filler for the time being.

Robo-Hood's boss fight is using those delicious new sprites made by LordPotatosack.

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