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Originally Posted by RedEnchilada View Post
If you have a spare mouse to test with, does the issue still occur on it? If not (or if you can't confirm), what's the model of your mouse?

Also, what settings are you using? Does changing any of them (e.g. lowering your mouse's DPI, if your mouse has such an option) work around the issue?
So I've tested this on 3 different mice.

My main mouse Logitech G400s set to 400 DPI (Optical mouse)

(Also tested this with 1200 DPI since the mouse has software with it)

2nd mouse Roccat tyon set to 400 DPI (Laser Mouse)

3rd mouse Hp optical mouse forced set at 1200 DPI.

The jittering was still there for all three of these I would say its less noticeable if you use a high sensitivity or high dpi but it is still there and gives inconsistent responses. As a guy who is uses to a low DPI and slow sensitivity its a pretty big problem even when I'm just playing single player.
The mouse worked perfectly fine in srb2DD so i'm not to sure if seeing how it performed there compared to srb2win would help solve this.
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