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Default Arch Pack v0.2 is out!

Arch Pack v0.2 is out!

I had planned more changes, but I was forced to cut some stuffs out. I think people couldn't play with a broken level pack , that's why I'm releasing a "bug fix" version. See 1st post.

Changes for Arch Pack, v0.2 beta:

Consider this release as a Level Design Fix:
- FIX: no spike collision;
- FIX: unwanted change states in grainslides;
- FIX: wrong music in MCZ3;
- FIX: bridge controls malfunctioning in LFZ;
- CHANGE: If you start a Single Player game, MCZ1(MAPB1) will be the first map now;
- CHANGE: minor changes in level design, MCZ1,2 and 3;
- CHANGE: new weapon layout (LFZ 100% done, WPZ 50% done).

If you download and install this add-on, I'd ask you to click on Mark as Installed, in 1st post, to receive notifications regarding updates.

That's all.
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