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Updated to:
Version 6

Should I be sorry anymore for updating? Nah, the updates lately have been showing improvements, and that will be shown by the new changelog for this version:

Custom Pinch Music feature is now disabled, only 4 bosses in the entire mod will have their own custom pinch theme, as the original bosses planned to have them as.

Egg Lober by ManimiFire is no longer a fire spam lagfest! Manimi has updated Egg Lober with a just-as-dangerous new attack that doesn't cause a lot of fire objects all over the place, but I'd still stay on the move either way.

New Boss: Egg Zap by ManimiFire! Try to avoid Eggman's different laser attacks, some can hurt you if you move, some can hurt if you don't move, and some will just hurt, stay on your feet and keep a lookout!

The Chaos Emeralds have been integrated into the mod, now as something you will have to EARN. You must defeat 9 different, but easy bosses without getting hit more than 3 times or dying to obtain the one of chaos emeralds the boss will have, note that any player in the stage can lose this opportunity, so make sure that if you haven't gotten hit as much, you should try to at least kill the boss. If you want reference to which stage will give you an emerald, check the level select in Boss Mayhem

Metal Sonic's stage now has an extension for the addition of Metal Redone.

Enemy Rush has been nerfed to accommodate for the serious difficulty spike in the last stages. You will now spawn with a Force Shield with hardmode off, a pity shield with hardmode set to 1, and now, no shield with hardmode set to 2. Due to a current bug with how the PlayerSpawn hook activates, once you reach the first checkpoint inside the building, you won't respawn with a shield, so I highly recommend you use the shields to your advantage, cause that's all you're getting once you enter the building.

A couple of boss have new tunes! This may not sound as important, but thanks to music from the Mod Archive, A couple of bosses have some new different tunes to not only shrink down file size, but to also change up the atmosphere of the boss arena.

Thanks to the new Emerald System, the mod will end whether you either reach Old Brak in Egg Rock Act 3 or obtain all of the emeralds and go to Boss X once you clear Egg Gauntlet.

The Knuckles' only path in Hidden Palace now has a new destination!

The custom CECHO system by TehRealSalt from SUGOI's latest update has been added to the mod for the Time Paradoxes and the New Emerald system.

A new gamedata file will be created for this version and following afterwards. Sorry, not sorry.

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