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I'm gonna take a moment and announce that my PC is in a really unhealthy state as of this post, with constant blue screens to freezing, that I can barely use it for a while until I get a new PC. As such, before this tragedy would happen, I had this version sitting on the wayside until I had a good reason to update, since I'm planning to get rid of this 10 year old dinosaur, I think this might be a good enough reason so I can at least back this up when I can edit it again. Pointless paragraph aside, lets get to the updates.

Updated to:
Version 6.2

Egg Zap has been updated to the latest version of Aircore Station as of July 3rd, 2017.

Green Hill Zone has a new and absolutely beautiful skybox made by .Jazz.

Enemy Rush's Skybox has been updated to look a little more... aesthetic and foggier than usual. An enemy spawning sequence has been added to the boss section where before the boss will appear, you will have to survive a mini gauntlet of AMT crawlas coming from an unreachable and undamagable spawner in the ceiling.

Metal Sonic 2.0's boss theme has now been properly switched back to Doomship Zone (tunes 21). To also note on this, by Version 7, Metal Sonic 2.0 will be removed, I have no better reason to keep it since my modifications changed the boss far too much from it's original intention.

Ghost Boss Battle's little ghost inside of Pumpkin Head is going to be a tad less monotonous with modified versions of the older moves to change things up a little bit, I also tried to take the liberty to fix a bug where trying to hurt Pumpkin Head as it spawns would spit out an error message, this may still occur so I'm not sure if I can call it "fixed" or will be fixable, just don't try to attack the boss right as it spawns.

Changed Hidden Palace's boss fight to lower the pillars that you originally used to shield yourself from his attacks during the pinch. There's no avoiding that now, so good luck.

A new Boss Mayhem exclusive Boss Bar has been created and can be activated with the command:
bossbar (on/off)
Defaults to off, however your value will be saved later on... Is this netplay-compatible? Considering I made it just before my PC crapped out, not really sure. Tell me yourself!

Oh and just to note: Megaman's boss bar has been removed for the new boss bar which just looks and aligns better.
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