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Version 6.1

After doing a public game and noticing this supposedly excusable bug I just had to start working on this as soon as possible. pls don't kill me

The new tunes used for Egg Canyon and Shadow were .MTM files, which apparently SLADE, and some SRB2 players couldn't probably hear. Thanks to AxelMoon/Sonicboy for handing me the .s3m version of the files, which are smaller, and more recognizable for SLADE and SRB2.

Egg Zap now appears in Competition Mode, my fault since I added Egg Zap just as I was finishing the original update post, so it was a literal last second addition that seemed clean at first... oops.

The "bad" Metal Sonic boss fight from 2.0 is barely like the original at this point, as I changed the moveset to be something more... tolerable maybe? I also reverted the sprites back to Metal Sonic 2.0 to clear up confusion for people who haven't seen the original boss fight... I just didn't want to make Blade's sprites part of the original boss since well... they looked decent at the time. (compared to the coding of the boss)

Slightly modified other bosses that you may or may not notice idk, I did them to make them feel more tolerable.

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