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Updated to:
Version 5
Man, was I tense on releasing this mess! Almost supposedly a month of leaving this in my PC "privately". With this chance, I managed to fix and implement as much as I could. And since I have a lot to list, lemme get the changelog ready...

Updated File Name since the Old Version is obsolete at this point.

Title Screen assets redone by CG7244. [NEW!]

CarlosGamer's Lavender World Boss has been added. [NEW!]

Competition Mode is now a fully functional gamemode. [NEW!]

Megaman's Boss Fight has very little to no bugs now. [FIXED!]

Manimi's Updated Shadow Boss has replaced the original version. [NEW!]

Ghost Boss Battle's Stage now triggers the boss fight by standing on the star. [FIXED!]

Hidden Palace Zone has a slightly improved Knuckles Path. [FIXED!]

Hazard Crawla's stage has now been turned into an Enemy Rush! [NEW!]

My very own edit of creator.wad's level has been added to the mod. It is co-op only. [NEW!]

Click on this spoiler to learn about the new competition mode.

Spoiler: New Competition Mode
Competition mode is back and now that it's been used with lua, it's a fully functional gamemode with well... actual competition!

First off, bosses and enemies that are in front of the player upon the stage's loading do not do ANYTHING until the countdown sequence is over.

Lives in Competition Mode are "removed" and as punishment for getting hurt or dying, you will lose score that can greatly affect your tally following the end of the stage.

Many stages outside of Egg Gauntlet that have actual level for you to explore in will instead teleport you right where the boss begins.

When bosses get hurt, they drop rings for the player to grab. If someone is busy tearing the boss apart, scurry around for rings the boss drops to keep your ring count high.

A warning for server hosts: If you play competition mode with hardmode on, the game WILL turn hardmode off and if you end up in Egg Gauntlet without the command "advancemap 2" the game WILL force it to that to prevent from going into the final two levels, which are omitted from competition mode.
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