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Version 4.2
Folks, it's good to take your time, and now that I don't have college classes to attend anymore, I think it's time for personal celebration. A new update that more-or-less, polishes most of the issues in the latest version and adds a couple of new features to boot!

Hard Mode: That old lua isn't getting any use in this mod, So instead, I've decided to allow the player to cripple themselves in this mod. Lemme quickly explain this:

Spoiler: Important Command Info

Setting Hard Mode to "0" will have you play the mod as normal.

Setting Hard Mode to "1" will prevent you from gaining a mercy ring when hitting the boss, as well as gaining score from hitting them.

Setting the Hard Mode to "2" will prevent you from gaining extra lives when defeating bosses, as well as not gaining rings from the boss during the final battle of the mod.

To add to this, the variable you choose will be saved in your config.cfg.

In netgames, this command is only accessible by the Server Owner/Admin. A notification alarm will sound for the entire server upon loading the map, and printing the current variable used and the effect caused by it. The whole server will be in hard mode, so if you're having trouble with bosses... Not sure what I can tell you :P

Egg Rock Zone Act 3 and "The Final Battle" are now fully unlockable levels than can also be accessed in multiplayer. To add to this duo of levels, the aesthetic is more... explosive than usual.

Green Hill Boss and Egg Hopper have been swapped. I realized that Egg Hopper is more abusable than the old Wrecker.

Slightly patched one of the paradoxes that can be obtained in the mod.

Spoiler: Quick Explanation
You can experience a paradox from:

When killed, you will not lose a life, and even in the effect of hardmode, you shouldn't experience a game over too easily. This also mean Silver can now properly fight the Silver boss... god help me the children that will eat this up

Hidden Palace is not that much shit anymore since I pretty much removed most of the level.

Oh, and new fades I guess:

Pinch music has been added and can be disabled with:
pinchmus (On/Off)
Defaults to On.

Hard Mode can make the mod harder to battle in, just in case you wanted a challenge for once.
hardmode (0/1/2)
Defaults to 0
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