Wild West Zone - Supposedly Act 2 - Singleplayer


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My first ever submission in MB, though also the first being in OLDC Submission, I kinda screamed internally when MB was down though that extended deadline eases me lol, anyway the map only took me almost a month to finish this, though you might find the final stretch of the map a bit underwhelming...

I present to you.

Wild West
Supposedly Act 2

The map itself happens to be part of my Mappack, but I somehow just can't resist to skip 3 whole zones and 1 act for crying outloud to make what it is to be WWZ - Act 2 (Though now just WWZ for the sake of OLDC)

Before in the making, I already thought of an idea to make something related to Western, the twist being, ruins exists alongside of it, during the course of the playthrough in this map, you'll come across Patches of Ruins being mined out by the previous miners, though now being taken over by Eggman.

Before the supposedly Act 2, you'll be crossing along the generic Canyon and some abandoned Western Towns, which during the end of Act 1 you'll be greeted with a bright light from a distance and the sky somehow turned dark and rather a bit gloomy, in which your destination will be the primary objective for the second act.

Wild West was it? It was supposed to be Windy West but I scrapped the name since I tried so hard experiement the Wind/Current mechanic into play, as it just doesn't work, so I would simply give it Wild West, I have a thought of the Wild being you have all Wild stuff in the West, which are those ruins in the mines.

  • Map uses lua, for the purpose of creating custom mapthings and one Linedef Executor Hook (Changing Player State)
  • Two Custom MapThings, used as Scenery Objects, for defining Character Specific Paths
  • Map uses Custom GameData, that means, Emblems! 7 of them, 5 being Emblem Things, 2 being Time and Rings Emblem., also it occupies MAPWW as its slot
  • Minecarts, everyone hates loves them right?
  • Some hazards, whatever it is, like Spikes, Deathpits, TNTs... Uhh, more TNTs
  • All characters are unlocked at the start, Emblem Hints unlocked aswell, however Radar and Record Attack is locked and must be unlocked by finishing the map (Will change this if It's a bad idea anyway)

Wild Arms 2 - First Ignition

I would like to thank these people for helping me during the course of development for this map.
Ash and Kays - For helping me finding the solution for player changing state at the start of the map, in which uses lua and also provide the lua code and help me with it.
Krabs - Pointing out a mistake with the lua code I've provided
SpinSlash aka speen - For helping me on how to make a thread properly
Slow - Encouraged me to push the Submit New Thread button, literally scared before this
Super Secret CSCS - Helped encourage me to continue this, gave me some small proper feedback, and gave me tips, without you guys, I wouldn't even be here lol


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