Confirmed Underscores do not parse properly in dedicated netgames


WR 102
Underscores "_" do not parse properly in dedicated netgames.
They instead turn into hypens or dashes "-" when executed.

See below for when I was testing added Lua commands.
This also occurs with Vanilla commands as well.


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WR 102
Follow up, It seems like any commands that use the shift key default to the character as if the shift key was never inputted at all.

"?" on a querty keyboard defaults to "/"
"!" on a querty keyboard defaults to "1"


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Yeah this is because of the changes to checking modifier keys. It's still an issue on Windows because I don't have a Windows machine to test it.

Some details...

Previously SRB2 waited for press and release events for the modifier keys, then toggled a flag. The issue was that you can press modifier keys outside of the window and SRB2 would enter an inverted state for that modifier.

So I changed it to just look for the current state of modifier keys instead of waiting for an event. The detachable console on Windows still follows the old rules, so there's no way to press Shift/Ctrl/Alt/Caps lock on a dedicated server on Windows.

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