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I took the time to post my The Emerald Isles port 2.2 and did it. Now you don't have to search for a Google drive link, you can download it here.

Special Thanks to testers
Amy Rose - Tester who tested on my srb2 server
Ketchupik - best tester)))))
Michael Blur
SilverTEAM P

And Special Thanks to Antimodern(Deus) for port eggfrostburn


From post 2.1
Hi, and welcome to my level pack that I originally started back in 2008. It's undergone a number of changes through the years(1.09.4-2.0). This project was originally intended to be something to do for people that were bored with the original game...and for me to learn the ins and outs of level design and learning what does and doesn't work in them while trying to improve on my past attempts each time.

The age of the last level is very apparent, as is actually the oldest level in the level pack up to this point. My first level was Rush Canyon, the second was Aquatic Labyrinth, and the third was Shale Village. As of the last release in 2.0, Shale Village was the oldest level in the pack. I said I was going to update it next in my last thread, and I delivered! Take that, 2008 me!

Speaking of which, if you want to avoid the potential lag cluster of the new Aquatic Labyrinth, you may take the left path out of the boss room in Blaze Canyon 3 and go to the old version of the zone-or if you're just curious/feeling nostalgic.

*update* There are now red/blue paths to take to the end, in case you feel one level is too difficult. No changing your mind if you choose one or the other, though-you have been warned.

There are no emblems in this level pack this time, as I believe that the merit of just playing it should be entertainment enough. That's not to say there aren't unlockables, there just won't be any that revolve around hunting around a massive level that may not allow backtracking.

*update*You may find other surprises in the levels themselves, however...

Comments/suggestions/critique/error reports are welcome as always, as they may very well determine which direction I intend to go in for future levels.

Also included guest times if you're having trouble speedrunning for the unlock.

*12/26 update*A few level tweaks and changes have been added.
Asset package used from

old versions.

Supporters / Co-Authors:


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So now it's redundant to play 2.1 except for SUGOI level packs
All the BIG level packs are finally here


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Shouldn't the file be renamed to fit the naming convention? e.g. SL_TEI-v3.1.pk3 Is this the case because the port is not finished?


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So, where's Tortured Planet?

Unlike The Emerald Isles, Tortured Planet isn't marked as re-usable. A port of it wouldn't be allowed to be released here unless made by fawfulfan himself.

Either way I'm happy to see this working with 2.2 properly. And last time it was ported, it was enough to wake Kuja up to port it himself and make new tweaks and stages for it, so here's hoping.


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This was a pleasant surprise to see. I didnt expect to see someone else port the pack though.

Just Luxis

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BRUH, i just completed the level pack in 2.1 and it just got ported to 2.2
Time to play it with my 2.2 favorite characters!


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The "easy versions" of the levels is an odd inclusion, they feel shoehorned and out of place for this pack, you can feel the inconsistency in quality between the levels as you play through the campaign. It does a big disservice to both the easy and the regular (now named "hard" for some reason) of the levels. The easy levels would be better off split to their own separate levelpack because as it is now they just drag the whole thing down.

Some areas are likely broken as well, some springs there don't send you flying high enough to reach areas intended for them, don't know if that's an Amy route or not but other characters can reach it easily so it just leads to confusion and getting lost easily. Another thing that's worth noting is that some skyboxes don't fit the new levels as well as the old ones do, you should port the old skyboxes as well.

It's not perfect, and I can't recommend this over the old version in its current state, but perhaps if you work on it some more you can get it to an even better state!


Personally, I loved it. I think aesthetically it leaves a lot to be desired, it looks very demo era to me, but in terms of level design I thought it was engaging and complex. I would fall down somewhere believing I was about to die, only to find it's another path with it's own challenges, and these paths would have multiple ways to be played themselves. Things never got out of control though, levels are designed in ways that let you know where you have to go next so getting lost is difficult, which is cool with such large levels.

The biggest con to me is the easy mode levels, I'm not a fan. I like to do runs with the randomizer mod, and I think this will make it to where if I do a randomizer run with this mod it would mean I have to play most of the levels twice, and one of them would just be a watered down version of it. That's a very specific gripe, but it does effect my enjoyment.

All said, I really think this is a great level pack. It's my first time playing it, and it's among my favorites.


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Played through it. The pack is definitely showing its age now but it's still fun to blast through. I'm getting a lot of HOMs in certain maps though, for example Forgotten Grove Act 1. And perhaps you could fix some of the texture alignment + convert some of the "slopes" (stairs made of many thin sectors) into actual slopes. Also a bunch of things related to unlocks/secrets:

It seems you can unlock record attack simply by beating EIZ1 whereas in the 2.1 version, you had to get to the secret room at the end of EIZ2 in under 2:30 (before the door closes) and walk over the stopwatch icon on the floor. I'd love it if you could restore that condition.

The secret house area in ARZ1 keeps giving me "music lump --- not found errors", and the default ARZ1 music no longer plays after I leave that area.

The Super Sonic map accessed through the house area is broken now. For some reason the platform in the first boss room won't lower after I defeat both bosses in there.
i cannot tell how furious the mod makes me it's level is so bad and the final boss is absolute trash it lags there and the boss isn't clearly thought out. truly putrid stuff NEVER DO THIS AGAIN! DON"T YOU DARE START!!!!!!!!!!!................. but hey at least you posted something


i cannot tell how furious the mod makes me it's level is so bad and the final boss is absolute trash it lags there and the boss isn't clearly thought out. truly putrid stuff NEVER DO THIS AGAIN! DON"T YOU DARE START!!!!!!!!!!!................. but hey at least you posted something

You couldn't defeat the last boss? You need to calm down, relax, and not get angry. If you still could not complete the game, close the game for a while and find something to do. ;)

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